Victory Tattoo NYC

Choose a service to schedule

Tattoo Consultation - $0
Come in and discuss your future tattoo with a talented artist! Consultations are free. One hundred dollar Deposits are required to book appointments and are non-refundable. We can take both walk ins and appointments
Piercing Consultation - $0
Come in and discuss your future piercing with a talented piercer. $20 Deposits are required to book appointments and are non-refundable.
Tattoo - $150 (call for appointment)
Email, call, or walk in ahead of time to let us know your idea, to give us time to prepare your design.
Call to confirm we got your message otherwise your tattoo might not be able to be done at that date and time

Upon preparing for a tattoo appointment, please e-mail all reference material to, and reference your artist, appointment date, and time if known. The phone number is 212-777-0621.

When you pick your consultation date and time, any changes must be made via phone call. Your consultation will be verified via email.

When you're ready to book your tattoo online, we accept $100 deposits that will go towards the price of your tattoo. $150 is our minimum and it is 30-45 minutes per artist. $100 is owed on the day of the appointment if it is a minimum price tattoo. The hourly rate for tattoos are $200-280 an hour depending on the skill level of the artist.
Price is determined by the artist's time taken on the piece, location, difficulty of the piece.

While our online booking system, schedulista asks for credit card information for consultations, it is only taken as a precaution, as consultations are free, and cancelling a consultation is also free.
Tattoo appointment cancellations must be given at LEAST 48 hours before the day of the appointment. Under 48 hours, same day cancellations or no-shows will forfeit their $100 deposit. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please expect custom or flash tattoo designs ONLY 24hrs in advance of the appointment.

We happily accept walk-ins at a First Come First Served basis, calling or walking in is the best way to book a tattoo same day, as we cannot always check our email immediately if everyone is tattooing.

If you are booking a small tattoo via schedulista, or are booking a second session for a previously started large piece, you must receive an email back from the artist confirming your appointment, otherwise we will move you to the first available date and time that is applicable to your tattoo.
Please be understanding as sometimes tattoo duration can differ from expectation. We appreciate your cooperation.
Calls and emails are answered in the order received.

Discussions of a tattoo's price prior to completion of the tattoo are estimates. We do offer piece pricing for flash by artist's discretion.

Thanks for reading and we can't wait to see you!
Piercing - $60 (call for appointment)
$20 Deposits are Non-Refundable. The phone number is 212-777-0621

Our piercings start at $60 for basic plain titanium, and are priced per jewelry and difficulty
Please be in good health before getting pierced as to prevent infection
Directions 77 East 3rd Street, New York, NY, USA